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Pop Culture & Manufacturing

People often love to see reflections of themselves in pop culture, so we wanted to dedicate a post to pop culture manufacturing references. When it comes to those who work in manufacturing or on shop floors, you would be surprised to learn or reflect back on those in the realm of pop culture who represent […]

July 2017 Shop Floor Automations Newsletter

The following is an archived copy of the Shop Floor Automations newsletter from July 2017: The buzz is out. The Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, lean manufacturing, and OEE for manufacturing are all hot topics for our industry. Machine monitoring is one way to measure what you have before you can start improving, but what does […]

SFA Legacy Blogs – Edition 9

The Shop Floor Automations blog is dedicated to preserving the history of our company. An important part of this history is the press coverage we are always grateful to receive. Here is the latest news we would like to share: WESTEC 2017 is around the corner and we will be at Booth 1935. We would […]

Military MFG Career Fair

Workshops for Warriors, a long time friend to Shop Floor Automations, will be hosting its inaugural Employer Career Fair on August 4th. More info is at this link, or read below: “Employers will come to Workshops for Warriors in San Diego CA first for a tour of the facility, and second to participate in 20-minute ‘speed dating’ […]

Mastercam 2018 Rollout

CAD/CAM Consulting Inc. recently held a Mastercam 2018 rollout event at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, CA. Shop Floor Automations (SFA) was lucky enough to participate as a vendor whose solutions integrate with Mastercam software. Guests of the event not only got to sit in on informative demonstrations of new and improved Mastercam features, […]

Prison Programs for MFG Skills Gap

America is the land of opportunity and the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP) is an unconventional example of this ideal. Those who are behind bars will have opportunities through this program to gain skills that will land them stable jobs and do something productive while incarcerated. There can be mixed feelings about this program, though.  […]

Why Up-To-Date Software Matters

We’ve all had those annoying reminders on our computers and our phones about a software update being imminent. Sometimes, we say to ourselves “I’ll get to it later,” but this train of thought is a mistake. This is especially true with shop floor software updates. One of our seasoned technicians gave some feedback on why […]

Legacy SFA Blogs – Edition 8

A company does not thrive on satisfied customers alone. That is why we use the Shop Floor Automations blog to show we are grateful for the press coverage we get on our solutions and other company news we like to share. Here is another edition of our Legacy Blogs: MFG Talk Radio published a piece from […]

May 2017 Newsletter – Machine Monitoring Data

If there are production issues at a manufacturing company, it is likely that at one time or another, a conflict has happened between those on the administrative side and those on the machinist side. While it can appear as if the machinists are not doing their jobs, it is also likely that the machinists have tried […]