Can I get on a support contract if I am not using a current version of your software?

Yes, you have the option of doing a ‘support only’ support contract if you are currently one version behind the most current version of software.

However, please note that choosing a ‘support and upgrades’ contract will allow you to have the newest version of your software installed if you are behind on the software version, or if a new version is released.

Here are some reviews of what we do for customers, from real customer testimonials, here at Shop Floor Automations:

I would like to commend your staff for being so on top of their customer service. -Alex Ceballos, RBC Bearings

Shop Floor Automations updated my computers and loaded Predator DNC plus Predator CNC Editor. They configured the drivers, and got everything going for me. Great job! -Joey Brown, J&S Inc.

Thanks for your prompt reply. It is appreciated. Please tell your people that it is our considered opinion that your product is head and shoulders above anything else on the market. Keep up the marvelous work. – Al Beaver, PCC Aerostructures Prescott