Does Predator DNC support Remote Request?

Does Predator DNC support Remote Request? Yes, Predator DNC does support Remote Request. Remote Request eliminates walking back and forth and allows operators to request files directly from the CNC control.

How to do a Remote Request with a Bar Code Reader:

First, you’re going to go to the list of programs, by hitting “list program”, then then, you’re going to hit “page down” until you get to “all,” then hit “receive”.

Once you do that, you’re going to scan your first bar code, and then your second bar code shortly thereafter. Ok so as you can see, it took the two bar code numbers, combined them, went and found the file, and then sent it out to the machine. So now, if we look at the machine, we should see it come in.

Initially, once you scan the bar codes, you’re going to see the Haas say “waiting for data” then once you give it a minute for Predator to retrieve the file, you’ll see it say “loading 00001.” Then your program will be at the top of the list. Here, you can see if we hit “edit,” you go down through the entire program, you can see that the whole program downloaded to the machine successfully.  There it is – M30. So you can see, we got both programs successfully and it changed the 0 number to 1, from whatever the previous 0 number was.