What are the different Scytec DataXchange Settings?

The Scytec DataXchange Settings page displays the Account Settings, along with the Settings to enable automatic login into the applicaiton.  In addition, the initial page that is displayed after login can be set up, as well.

More about Scytec DataXchange from some of our customers:

We were looking for some machine monitoring software to be able to see the effectiveness of our machines, so we went with Scytec DataXchange to monitor our machines. Amy has connected me with DataXchange and has been really helpful. Been dealing with Shop Floor Automations for a few years with different companies I’ve been at. I originally heard of SFA from word-of-mouth. -Tom Anderson, AMT Senior Aerospace

We’re using Scytec DataXchange and we have been able to increase our productivity by 25 percent just monitoring the machine utilization. SFA did it all remotely and it worked great. The software is very easy to use. -Derek Dover, Aero Precision