What is a ‘SIM Wrapper Error’ after moving Predator DNC to a new computer?

Another great DNC software FAQ: What is a ‘SIM Wrapper Error’ after moving Predator DNC to a new computer?

The SIM Wrapper Error is actually one of many various errors generated during licensing. If you recently moved your computer then you may have forgotten to move your USB license key to your new computer.

If you are still experiencing issues after moving the USB SIM over, or cannot find your USB SIM, give us a call and we can assist you with your licensing issues.

More DNC software information:

What is DNC Software? Aiding in the process of Direct Numeric Control (sometimes considered Distributed Numeric Control), DNC software helps with total shop floor control. Via our DNC Communications page:

Manage your CNC programs, machine parameters, & offsets with DNC Software. Enjoy a wide range of CNC communication options from your PCs for drip-feeding, downloading, & bi-directional communication. Upload via parallel, RS232, RS422 Ethernet, & wireless Ethernet for thousands of CNC machines. With Microsoft Office®  & Windows® Explorer-compatible user interface (Windows 10 O/S supported), use familiar features for drag & drop, cut, copy, paste, shortcut menus, object-based menus, toolbars, tool tips, & available online help.

Improve CNC revision control while using existing ERP & MES bar-coded paperwork. Eliminate time wasted walking back & forth between your CNC & PC with a Remote Request function. Consider a 32-Bit, Multi-thread, Multi-tasking, Open-Architecture DNC Software solution that works wired & wirelessly. Simplify operations with one network for all of your CNC machines, Robots, PLCs, & part makers, grouped by building or cell.