What is Cloud Based Machine Monitoring?

What is Cloud Based Machine Monitoring? This is the latest technology being utilized by manufacturing companies to monitor CNC machines without the hassle of databases, servers, web servers, firewalls, or any IT challenges.

Report real-time CNC machine data include uptime, downtime, reason codes, alarms and more across the web or on your mobile device.

Cloud tech is more reliable than you previously thought.  A publication called Enterprise Tech states that Global IT spending should increase close to 3 percent in 2017 – the projected $3.46 Trillion spent this year on worldwide IT is in part due to the Cloud infrastructure being so significant, as time goes by. In keeping with this fact, Cloud-based machine monitoring has helped many of our customers. One such manufacturer has even been able to run their existing five-axis CNC machines for 24 hours at a time at increased productivity, rather than feeling the need to invest in more machines to achieve their production goals. That definitely speaks to the trust of this Cloud-based program!

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