Want a device that is not only wireless, but has RS232 & Ethernet ports, just for peace of mind when you’re ready to upgrade? Thinking about machine monitoring & data collection, but want off-the-shelf hardware that is MTConnect capable with any application on the market? Tired of maintenance & troubleshooting multiple devices in the machine tool from different suppliers? Meet the Multi Connect.

There is finally a device that meets these demands, brought to you by a company who has almost two decades of experience & hands-on support. Simplify your connection, interface & setup by using the Multi Connect unit. Meet your goals for CNC connectivity & Machine Monitoring on your CNC & other types of equipment.

Multi Connect IMTS

Multi Connect

  • All-in-one connections: MTConnect, PLC, Wireless, Ethernet & RS232 Serial
  • One device versus multiple – compact, can be mounted
  • Compatible with hundreds of machine vendors
  • Integration between any age of equipment
  • DNC and Machine Monitoring capabilities

Multi Connect cnc hardware

“Shop Floor Automations is introducing the Multi Connect device, which continuously monitors the machine operating state and other data, and makes this information available over a network connection using MTConnect protocol. The device is compatible with a range of machine monitoring software packages including Scytec’s DataXchange and Predator’s Machine Data Collection. The device combines a PLC, Wireless, Ethernet, Serial RS232 and MTConnect.” –Modern Machine Shop