WiFi USB Connect

Wireless USB to CNC solution

About the WiFi USB Connect device:

  • Emulates USB stick. Configure it, plug it in, & go!
  • No drivers required – Wireless USB Solution
  • Read & Write files, then store on any workstation
  • Up to 128MB of storage


  • Wireless USB solution for the manufacturing shop floor
  • Emulates a USB stick, allowing you to share data from PCs to your machines
  • No drivers required – after a quick web configuration, plug it in and it is ready

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  • Machinists will see the files at their machine on the USB as soon as they are added to shared folder
  • Machinists will not need to walk to programmer or find them to get needed answers
  • A wireless connection to the shared folder will eliminate cabling costs/needs for control

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  • Easy and affordable shop floor upgrade
  • Data can be stored on a remote PC, or locally in the device’s memory, with the device itself providing up to 128 MB of storage
  • Floppy drive emulators and CNC machines with a USB port can now have wireless abilities!  You will also have different transfer modes to customize your storage solutions.
  • Set Wi-Fi USB Connect to rename, move, or delete files after transfer
  • Data sources include network shares, FTP, email, SMB, cloud services, etc.
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